Vermont Barns – Bondville, Vermont

“Klaas’ reclaimed inventory has been an invaluable resource for all of our barns, homes, and custom timber frame projects. Exterior cladding, stair treads, cabinetry, barn doors and antique beam accents are just a few examples. He always has a wide range of reclaimed inventory to choose from along with unique finds we have actually built projects around. The fact that Klaas’ material can be seen on almost all of our projects is a true testament to the quality and superiority of his products.” Rob Wadsworth, Vermont Barns

Reclaimed Wood Gets Reborn

Utilizing options from our wide selection of reclaimed wood offers design aesthetics that are unique, rewarding and rich in history. The woods are unlike new woods in color, patina, and grain character. Plus they’re still very strong and prove it here, while helping structures be sustainable.

Beams and boards for recreations

Using our huge beams and diverse barn board options, the company has built beautiful creations and re-creations.
Wadsworth’s eye for historic detail and modern utility inspires work that is both transportive and effective.

Custom milled antique lumber

Besides exteriors, Vermont Barns creates evocative interiors that provide grandeur and warmth. This reclaimed wood is from our sister company, Armster Woods, where we stock dozens of species, hundreds of sources and surfaces, and millions of board feet. Come visit.

Reclaimed wood for complete builds

From rough to refined, we deliver old growth, tropical woods and more that allow designers unique opportunities. Think about what you’d do with practically timeless wood and tell us.  We’ll help you make your dream into a reality.

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