Our Testimonials
Some of our customers and clients have shared their thoughts as a way to express their pleasure and to help others understand our passion and capabilities. We thank them for their creativity and business over many years.

From Alexandra Barker, AIA, Principal at BARKER FREEMAN DESIGN OFFICE
“I started appreciating the Armsters, and AWC, while working on a couple of homes in Maine by another architect back in 1999. Since we began BFDO, I’ve had the pleasure of utilizing their dedicated, sustainable sourcing and custom milling on several projects. Wood, Steel and Glas has always been insightful, knowledgable and eager to help me fulfill my projects’ needs. Their product and passion are all the proof I need to continue using them as a trusted source.”

“They always take great care in finding the most appropriate woods based on my design criteria, and have searched all over the country and Canada to find the right quality products for me. Their in-house milling department is exceptional, as I have learned by commissioning them to custom-mill several specific siding profiles and details. They also maintain close working relationships with other associated crafts such as custom wood stainers, so that I receive quality-controlled pre-stained wood products on all my projects.” 

“Klass’ reclaimed inventory has been an invaluable resource for all of our barns, homes, and custom timber frame projects. Exterior cladding, stair treads, cabinetry, barn doors and antique beam accents are just a few examples of what we have used Klass’ reclaimed material for. He always has a wide range to choose from along with unique finds we have actually built projects around. The fact that Klass’ material can be seen on almost all of our projects is a true testament to the quality and superiority of his products.”

“We chose Armster to supply our projects because they’re local business that understands the needs and constraints of New England climates and standards. We were familiar with Armster’s products and with Klaas’ knowledge about reclaimed lumber, and his interest in working with architects to select materials. We worked closely, exploring different lumber varieties that he had available, and different approaches to milling it for our purposes. They have a large variety of reclaimed species available, and work with architects and contractors to get the right finished product.” 

Klaas “gets wood from iconic New York places, from city water towers to the Domino Sugar factory, to the South Street Seaport. You name it, he’s got it. A true mill guy who’s been doing it for years.”

BARTECA RESTAURANT GROUP, Sasa Mahr-Batuz, Owner & Designer
“I’ve been partaking for years of Klaas’ unbeatable menu of reclaimed wood (including rare delicacies). His yards are like exotic markets for me, and he knows his woods and sources, helping us create unique destinations that inspire our guests and add an evocative, natural beauty to their dining experiences.”  

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From DUO 


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