White Cedar Siding Custom Milling 

Multiple Profile Options for you

Species, source, profile and finish decisions need to be made before milling gets started.

We’re accustomed to this process and have collaborated with a range of pros for many years. If you’d like our thoughts or want to see what we can do, please let us know.
See our Process page for more details.

Here are two White Cedar siding examples: Classic Clapboard and a Modern Mix of profiles that create a multi-plane effect resembling a stone facade.

Designs by Barker Freeman Design Office

Standard and Custom Milling Choices 

Horizontal, vertical, and even diagonal options are available from our millwrights. Varied widths and bevels, as well as beads and more have made us a go-to source for high quality work for decades. If it can be done, we’ll do our best to do it. We’ve even milled new knives to cut some of our architects’ designs. 



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