Rain Screen to protect walls

Rain screen was developed in Norway and evolved in Canada in the 1960’s as a way to protect a building envelope.

Since building efficiencies and costs are more manageable now, more of our customers are choosing it. Both style and multi-function utility combine in this design option that doubles as solar screen.

Red Cedar Tank wood as Rain Screen

Kieran Timberlake’s intimate Yale Gallery and their re-work of the Sidwell School near D.C. both utilize reclaimed red cedar tank wood for the cladding and the rain screen.

At Sidwell, some of it doubles as solar screen to reduce energy costs from reducing incoming solar glare. The projects required 50,000 board feet of the rare material and we were proud to be able to supply it.

Rain screen is developed using a few different woods, and one key is lightness. Atlantic White Cedar, Northern White Cedar, Western Red Cedar, Bald Cypress, Redwood and such others are preferred. Ask us what we have in stock or can get for you. 

Milling options can be horizontal, vertical or even diagonal, depending on your design specifications. We are renowned for our custom milling so bring us your ideas and we will tell you what can be done. 

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