Wood Pergolas (1600’s Italian shade)

Reclaimed or new wood shade 

We’ve helped customers create some excellent wood pergolas from remarkable sources. Here is a reclaimed heart pine patio pergola and a reclaimed tank redwood rooftop pergola in NYC’s Washington Square Park. Reclaimed wood offers you dimensional and historical beauty from centuries old timbers.

A solid pergola lasts decades

As you can see, pergolas also serve to create more comfortable Sidewalk Sitting and Porch Perching. You’ll choose from White Oak, Red Oak, White Pine, Heart Pine, and more species. Treat wood to maintain milled colors or allow nature to make a patina for you!

Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Pergola

We just milled some reclaimed utility pole red cedar to rebuild the wood pergola at the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum in New York City.

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