Our Process as Exterior Wood Specialists

Your project is unique.  We understand that and working with us is not like going to the lumber yard and ordering some cut 2x6s.   Although we do mill and stock some traditional items, we’re masters of custom milling. This means that we typically inventory rough lumber to be hand-selected and milled to your precise requirements. One of the first questions we ask is ‘How will the wood be used?’  Here are some considerations and reasons why we can help your project from start to finish.

Lumber and Timber Dimensions 

In all the species we supply, standard 1” lumber (net ¾” after milling) is available. In new wood we also typically carry 5/4 and 2x lumber as well.  Thicker than 2” is typically only available with the reclaimed items. In the case of the utility pole cedar, we can sometimes saw material up to 18” x 18”, and lengths 30’+.
Also, since we full saw most of our material and oversee the milling, we can often net something thicker.
-For instance, most lumberyards supply their 1” lumber at 11/16”.
-We often can get a full 7/8” on our material, making for a superior, longer lasting product.

Weathering and Patina 

This is an important consideration. White cedar typically weathers to a beautiful silver-gray, but conditions need to be right.  Access to direct moisture and light are needed and it cannot be too shaded.  Other woods do weather and grey, though usually not as silver. The weathering process can be expedited or delayed, depending on finish. If you have a specific aesthetic you’d like to achieve, please let us know.

Durability of Woods 

This can mean different things. Sometimes hardness plays a factor, though usually not. Water typically does the most damage, but often there are other considerations.  Soil, checking, insects, lack of air space, some finishes and anything that does not allow the wood to breathe and the water to evaporate can greatly expedite decay.  We will supply what you request, but often we can offer guidance during the specification process to make a better, longer lasting product.

Diverse Species of Woods  

We supply a variety of species (click here), each of which offers its own unique attributes and characteristics. We offer both new and reclaimed woods, all sustainable, for your best options.

Finishing and coatings 

Depending on the application, and your desired aesthetic outcome, we may be able to pre-finish your wood or offer some finishing suggestions. Please inquire if you expect finishing to be a part of the project.

Shou sugi ban 

This is an ancient Japanese method of charring the exterior faces of the wood to enhance longevity and provide for an unique aesthetic. To learn more about our process of making Shou Sugi Ban, click here.

Color and grades of woods

We aim to meet or exceed your expectations, including supplying a grade that meets your objectives. Often, financial, aesthetic and functional considerations work against each other. Adjusting the grade can sometimes help these points converge, or offer additional value to a specific project.

Texture and Surface of Milled Woods 

An often overlooked consideration: Historically, wood was planed smooth, period.  Although smooth-surfaced wood is still the preferred choice for most milling applications, resawn, rough sawn, live edge, wire brushed, sand blasted, original surface (if reclaimed), skip planed, and moulded textures have become increasingly desirable for their aesthetic and occasionally functional value.  As with the rest of our milling philosophy, we embrace the opportunity to make your project unique and special, in any way we can.

Recommended Installation of our products 

Proper installation is always critical to ensuring a successful outcome. The right fastener, board width and thickness considerations, finishes and air spaces for the wood all play their part.  Even if you have a plan in place, we are always happy to look over any specification or offer our own, if beneficial.

Precision custom milling 

We pride ourselves on being a custom millwork shop.  We have the finest equipment and seasoned millwrights with decades of experience milling wood.  This expertise translates into a high-quality product that we are proud to stand behind.  Choose from our vast selection of moulding profiles or we can custom grind moulding profiles to meet your specific requirements.  Additionally, with over forty years of experience milling wood, we can offer you insights to help ensure a successful product and project.

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