Other exterior products

Got Old Barn Beams? 

We stock a wide range of exterior wood products that customers and clients use for various projects, indoors and outdoors.

Take a look and start thinking about what you can create in your yard, on your roof deck, or maybe on a few acres upstate!

Put a piece of history into a new home and you have balance between times, contrast within a design.

Mushroom Wood

An amazing, topographic material, mostly Hickory, that is an awesome result of commercial fungus growing.

The natural enzymes eat away the softer fibers of the boards to create a texture that is both fantastic and very real.

Barn Board

We’ve supplied tens of thousands of board feet to people that want the best of both worlds – modern convenience and old time aesthetics.

From barn board in reds, greys and browns, to beams of all sizes, to 45′ logs in Heart Pine or Douglas Fir, we provide the fuel for construction dreams.

The reclaimed and renewed wood that we stock is solid, if not more solid than it was when first part of a structure.

You can leave the hand-hewn surface, or the time & history-layered patina, or skip plane some of it off, or full plane it to reveal new-looking wood for a project.

From accent walls to complete homes, there is wood here to make beautiful statements and testaments to the many wonders of Nature’s art and science.  

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