Heart Pine – pinus pulastris

Heart Pine – America’s backbone wood

The hardest of conifer species, this wood was the support of the US rise to a global economic power. In the 1800’s, Heart Pine built America’s factories, ships, office buildings and more. And it stays strong, almost two centuries later.
See below. Here’s a reclaimed heart pine floor near Boston.

Park Avenue Armory Restoration

We have just finished a massive NYC job milling 30,000 square feet of reclaimed Heart Pine flooring! The original floor was installed 130 years ago and has supported tanks, trucks, theater and dance. Our reclaimed Heart Pine flooring was the about same age, and from NYC beams! 


Yellow & Longleaf Pines?  

Also known by Yellow Pine and Longleaf Pine, it grew widely from Virginia south into Florida and west to Louisiana. As Europeans arrived in the 1600’s, it was cleared for farms and became a favorite structural timber. There were hundreds of millions of trees over many million acres, and they grew larger and stronger than they’ll ever grow again.

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