Beautiful, durable wood choices

We develop decking from various sources, including new and reclaimed woods. It is  all sustainable and resistant to decay, rot, and insects – and weather, of course.

Coney Island Boardwalk wood, too

We have some of the only stock available of former Coney Island and Far Rockaway Boardwalk, as well as material from NYC’s South Street Seaport and Atlantic City.

This wood was harvested in the mid to late 1900’s before the impact of rain forest logging were understood. Protections now help, but some dealers still offer these as new woods despite the ecological threats.


Exotic, Local and Historic woods

We stock reclaimed Angelique, Azobe, Cumaru, Ekki, Greenheart and Ipé from boardwalks. In new woods, we offer Locust, Ash, Red and White Cedar and others, depending on what is available from our sources. 

Custom Milling

Decking is usually milled with a square or eased edge to provide the best drainage and air flow. This will give your deck the best chance of a long and solid life.


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