About Our Company and Us

We began in 1971 as Wood, Steel & Glas (the Dutch spelling). My father, architect Wilfred Armster, decided to develop his practice in designing and building with Atlantic White Cedar. To ensure access to quality material, custom milling, and steady income, he started the mill with Sarah, our mother.

As our company and our family grew, we worked together and were inspired to branch into other areas. Architecture, reclaimed wood, hardwoods, flooring, and countertops.

We changed names to White Cedar Lumber Company for clarity, to match our original URL, and for SEO dynamics.  

The early crew of Wood Steel and Glas

White Cedar Siding

An overview on White Cedar Siding from our company. Different aspects of the wood and how it performs.  


A Barker Freeman house in NYC

Overview of our Perspectives and Woods

A thorough discussion on how we participate in the wood business and what we offer our customers. 

The WCLC logo

Our Process as Exterior Wood Specialists

A thorough look into the details of what we stock, what it is like, and what customers can expect with our woods. Look into our process and principles and you’ll be pleased. 

A Wilfred Armster creation


Quotes from our clients on working with us. 

Another Wilfred Armster creation

Wilfred and Sarah

Some background on the Armsters, Wilfred and Sarah, who started Wood, Steel and Glas in 1971 and managed it until their children could take it over. 

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