Boardwalk Tropical Hardwoods – from Africa & South America

Coney Island History & Durability

You can get wood from the iconic destinations of South Street Seaport, Far Rockaway, and Coney Island. Decades of storms, bare feet (and some mustard and beer) have all been resisted by these amazing woods.  This is reclaimed boardwalk wood from storm renewal, decommissioning, and regular refitting of these cool NYC landmarks that you know.
It was originally sourced from the jungles of the Southern Hemisphere in the mid to late 1900’s, before rain forest issues were considered. You can get new wood of these species but harvesting it is part of jungle deforestation, and is a risk to our natural world and planet. 

Ipé, Cumaru, Angelique, Greenheart and Ekki (azobe) Woods

These threatened woods from Africa and Central & South America are now protected (but not enough) in large swaths of the rain forest. We only sell reclaimed wood because the danger of de-forestation is serious, but still happening.  This wood is perfect for your sustainable, LEED projects or just to be planet-helpful – and also to have beautiful history. You’ll enjoy colors rich in tone, grains that are tight, and material that is rock solid. 

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