Basil Walter Architects integrate reclaimed woods

Sustainable reclaimed Angelique wood plus… 

Basil Walter built a sprawling, sustainable, LEED home on an upstate New York shale ledge, looking west over the Hudson River. They created a low profile structure off the ground, and optimized location and environmental impact. The design offers access to views in three directions including west across the water. 

Basil Walter used a range of woods, including reclaimed Angelique boardwalk wood and Red Cedar tank wood. They also used new Ambrosia Maple, all three sourced from our sister company. Together, their efforts made the house a model of sustainable building and modern style.

Reclaimed Angelique Wood Decking

Coney Island Boardwalk Wood and more

The resulting creation showcased various rare and reclaimed woods. This included Boardwalk Angelique for decking, Red Cedar for rain screen, and Ambrosia Maple for a stair wall.

The firm used our woods inside and out, integrating them with environmental systems to minimize impact on the site. It also optimized energy savings, and provides a unique, responsible home for their clients.


Red Cedar rain screen

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