Barker Freeman does White Cedar Siding

“I started appreciating the Armsters and Atlantic White Cedar, back in 1999, while working on another architect’s projects in Maine. Since we began, I’ve had the pleasure of utilizing their sustainable sourcing and custom milling on several  Barker Freeman projects. They’ve always been insightful, knowledgable and eager to help me fulfill our project needs. Their product and passion are all the proof I need to continue with them as a trusted source.” Alexandra Barker, AIA, LEED AP 

White Cedar as versatile material

Barker Freeman Design Office pllc is a long term customer of ours for AWC and custom milling. The firm uses AWC in a range of settings, from Brooklyn streets to Southern country river to seaside beach.


They’re also a multidisciplinary architecture and design firm that employs material research, fabrication technologies and system integration strategies as generative tools in the design process to develop multi-valent spatial solutions for clients.

History with White Cedar

While working in Maine early in her career, Alexandra worked with Wilfred and Sarah Armster to create  profiles of this remarkable wood. You can see the varied surface dynamics she has achieved in these images.

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