White Cedar Arborvitae House
Wil Armster's White Cedar modern

White Cedar Siding for Architects

We’ve custom milled white cedar siding since 1971 for projects in New England, New York City, Virginia, Idaho and more.  White cedar lumber is prized for versatility and durability. From warm tones to its classic silver patina, there’s nothing like it. Our work’s in architectural media and a range of luxury homes and institutions. 

Atlantic White Cedar & Northern White Cedar

Also known as Eastern Cedar and Arborvitae, white cedar wood is native to New England and valued across the US. Our collaborations with designers seeking custom milled profiles prove that White Cedar Siding is timeless. We’re proud to have helped so many designers develop unique projects.   

Barker Freeman White Cedar Surf house
Woods Hole White Cedar Lab
Wilfred Armster's White Cedar Bridge House

Northern White Cedar in NJ

Robert Gross, AIA|LEED AP, custom mills with us to create warm, light volumes, and optimize light dynamics. His projects span a range of Modern styles, giving showcases to Northern White Cedar Siding to define and accentuate spaces in New Jersey.

Robert Gross Northern White Cedar Extension
Robert Gross Arborvitae Home in Bergen County

White Cedar Siding examples

Brooklyn’s Barker Freeman Design Office uses our custom milled Atlantic White Cedar siding in various profiles and settings, from rural to urban to beach, satisfying both aesthetic and sustainability demands.

Barker Freeman White Cedar Virginia Home
Barker Freeman Brooklyn White Cedar Rebuild

Global firm Kieran Timberlake

The firm sourced for two East Coast LEED institutional projects, using 50,000+ board feet of reclaimed red cedar tank wood. They also re-purposed our reclaimed Coney Island boardwalk for several exterior areas and furniture.

Yale Art Gallery Reclaimed Tank Red Cedar
Sidwell Friends reclaimed tank cedar rain screen by Kieran Timberlake

Reclaimed wood for modern works

Boston’s Wolf Architects used new and reclaimed wood for a LEED-awarded rebuild and an addition, creating exteriors and interiors with our varied sustainable, milled woods.

Wolf Architects Modern Extension in Reclaimed Wood Cladding
Wolf Architects Reclaimed Wood Rebuild

Species & Provenance
We source & stock Sustainable products. New wood from managed forests, plus Rare & Reclaimed or Recovered Old Growth wood from rivers and structures. Both offer LEED credits for projects.

Custom Milling Options

We craft our products to standard profiles and are well known for custom milling per specifications from architects and designers. We make horizontal, vertical and diagonal siding, from shiplap to clapboard to tongue & groove and more – plus many versions of each. Siding is a decision to make with an architect, designer or contractor, but we’re always willing to share our experience and perspectives.

Decking options

They include Redwood, White Cedar, Ipé, Angelique, Ekki, Cumaru, Greenheart, Black Locust & others. 

Some is from Coney Island and other NYC boardwalks; originally from Africa and South America in 1900’s.

Hardwood Decking White Cedar
Red Cedar Decking
Tropical Hardwood Decking - Greenheart

Old Beams & Barn Wood

We also supply and mill for other exterior projects like Pergolas, Porticos, and even new ‘old’ barns. We’ll cover you, literally, with the best wood for whatever project you have in mind.

Reclaimed Red Cedar Pergola
Reclaimed Heart Pine Beams
Reclaimed Barn Siding on New Barn

Cedar Wood Siding

From covered bridge to 70’s Modern to Brooklyn Beach and more, we’re proud of our white cedar siding and many other select products.  Please call to set up a visit.

New White Cedar Siding on Covered Bridge
Wilfred Armster 70's Home in White Cedar Siding
Barker Freeman White Cedar Siding and Ceiling

White Cedar Lumber Company & Mission

WCLC was started by our father, the architect Wifred Armster as Wood, Steel and Glas (Dutch spelling) to ensure a supply and precise milling of his favorite wood, Atlantic White Cedar. We’re still family run, hands-on and well-known for the products and service he originated. (Our Dutch ancestor was in the wood treatment business back in 1600’s NYC.)

We built on his beliefs with a wider range of new, rare, reclaimed, and renewed woods that are Old Growth, Tropical, European, and Sustainable. Milled for exterior and interior by experienced millwrights, we offer huge beams, boardwalk, barn board, live edge slabs, veneer, 45′ pier logs,  custom wood counter tops and more.   

Mission- To help people utilize the beauty and integrity of White Cedar and other sustainable woods. 

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