Rare, Reclaimed & Renewed (RRR) Wood

Our stock of RRR wood is the largest in North America. We have dozens of species, hundreds of sources and surfaces, and millions of board feet.

Much of it is Old Growth, meaning it’s centuries old and yet still strong and vibrant. That’s the wonder of wood.

From massive beams to barn boards to tropical boardwalk and cargo, to tank wood, we’ve remarkable range and depth.


Here is Cypress cladding and Angelique decking. Next there’s Red Cedar Tank wood for Rainscreen at Yale Art Gallery. 

The options are many, the looks are unique, and the result is excellent. It is solid (and beautiful) proof of old wood’s durability, in structure and aesthetics.


Real red or grey barn siding, hand-hewn beams, circle sawn planks, water sawn joists, water tank staves, boardwalk, tropical dunnage and much more wood with history, mystery, and serious on-the-job experience for building and design.