Robert Gross, AIA | LEED AP in Bergen County, NJ

“They always take great care in finding the most appropriate woods based on my design criteria, and have searched all over the country and Canada to find the right quality products for me. Their in-house milling department is exceptional, as I have learned by commissioning them to custom-mill several specific siding profiles and details. They also maintain close working relationships with other associated crafts such as custom wood stainers, so that I receive quality-controlled pre-stained wood products on all my projects.”

This house’s material palette reflects the client’s love of natural materials including variety of hard and soft woods and stone. Particular attention was given to design of the custom-milled cedar in horizontal and vertical laid boards and slats, and the custom staining that brought out the richness of the natural cedar tones. 

Northern White Cedar plank siding with custom ribbed profiles clad the new wing as well as re-clad the dated scalloped wood siding, while retaining most of the existing base-level brick. A double-height entry hall was created, capped by a reverse-sloped, “butterfly” roof, angled to capture maximal daylight penetration into the house through multiple skylights.

This pool cabana anchors a garden corner  with shady refuge. The pool-facing walls, glazed with Arcadia multi-paneled sliding doors, retreat into cedar-clad pocket walls, dissolving the boundary between outside and in. The custom-profiled Northern White cedar siding turns up into a slatted overhang, and turns down again into a slatted wall hiding an exterior shower.