KieranTimberlake Architects – Philadelphia, PA

KieranTimberlake, the global architecture firm that built the new US Embassy in London has big scope.

The firm sourced more than 50,000 board feet of reclaimed  wood from us for two East Coast education projects.

This first one is Sidwell Friends School, and down below is a project at Yale University.


Near D.C., they completely reconfigured an older existing school and grounds to become a   environmental lab for on-site .

The concept of  Sidwell Friends, the well-known Quaker-based school community, was to reduce energy costs, water usage and waste. And increase learning.




Kieran TImberlake’s large project of the new Art Building at Yale had great potential for some creativity. They pushed for a separate gallery to reach out from the famously closed campus into the neighborhood. 


Cladding it in the red cedar from juice tanks, and also using it for rainscreen provides both unique beauty and LEED certification points.